Swillington Health Practice

Published: 27 November 2018

The practice will be altering its clinical session times on Thursday 29 November to allow maximum attendance for the staff at Juliette Sarveswaran’ s funeral.

There will be no reduction in services and no impact on any prebooked appointments.

Criteria for attendance at the Urgent assessment clinics will be strictly applied.

It is with sadness that we pass on the following message from Dr Helen Sarveswaran, GP Partner at Oulton, Marsh Street and Swillington.

Our beautiful baby girl passed away in her sleep in the Autumn of 2018, aged 10 months. Martin house hospice gave us the chance to say goodbye to Juliette, offering her a resting place for a few days, in a peaceful setting surrounded by her family, photos, soft toys, and our love. We could say goodbye in our own time, after such a sudden and unexpected ending to her life. Our family were able to come and share the peaceful experience, with our own private indoor space and garden to reflect, as well as play and focus on Zachary our son. They also provide ongoing bereavement support & counselling. We will always be grateful to Martin House for this opportunity, words cannot express how much we appreciated it.